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Composite Doors

Composite doors gain favourability among homeowners in Welling for a number of reasons. These doors are cheaper than timber but more durable and stronger than uPVC. Indeed, they are ideal for your property’s doorways.

A composite door is designed by combining different materials and then compressing them into one piece under great heat and pressure, which creates a strong bond that cannot be reversed easily. It provides a finish which almost looks like real wood with a strong, durable, energy efficient door.

Composite doors are more secure than uPVC because they have enhanced strength and resilience abilities. Their significant thickness and density also serve as great insulation, increasing their lifespan by two times more than that of uPVC doors.

Some advantages of composite doors include very little maintenance required. Hence, it eliminates painting. They are expensive but do not require maintenance often and give a feel of real wood at almost zero costs.

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Any homeowner must ensure that their property is safe for them and their family. That’s why our composite doors are specially designed to offer optimum security.

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Energy Saving

They are highly efficient when it comes to heat retention. Densely packed material also gives extra insulation, thus making it denser than other types of doors. It makes your heating system to be efficient because you will spend less on your bills after all.


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Weather Resistance 

The composite doors feature great resilience to harsh weather conditions. These products surpass stringent tests for air permeability, water resistance and wind resilience, thus idealising your residence in all weather circumstances.

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Our composite doors are compliant with regulation ‘M’, which relates to access and can be supplied with a flush-finish sill which is ideal for wheelchair or pushchair users. Our team is at hand to provide you with additional details in order that you may suit your wants and preferences.

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Composite doors are durable enough to keep their coating intact and do not peel or lose colour. A wipedown would suffice; there’s no need for repainting. Genuine timber takes much of the maintenance, and it’s considerably more demanding.

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We have many colour and finish combinations on our composite doors. Subtle pastel tones, bright colours, and realistic wood finish that is almost impossible to tell apart with a bare eye from actual wood. For each property style, there is an ideal option.

Strong And Safe

Composite doors can be stronger than uPVC doors, ensuring the powerful defence of your home. Made to the highest specifications, these materials are compressed and bonded together with strong glue under high pressure to ensure great strength.

There is, however, a more secure door than uPVC, which is the composite door. Multi-point locking mechanics, high-security locks, hinges and toughened safety glazing exceed current insurance industry requirements.

The composite doors do not only keep your home warm when it’s cold outside during winter to the same extent, but they also ensure that you have an enjoyable time when inside the house during summer.

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Our modern composite doors are best known for being stylish and secure. This means you can enjoy the best of both worlds by having a practical door while still ensuring they can seamlessly blend into your property. 

The UK’s widest choice of composite door styles with an array of gorgeous accessories will allow you to personalize your door exactly as you wish. This is a range which is diverse, including handless, shingles letter boxes, and door handles.

The composite doors we produce meet superior quality criteria, giving them an extra one hundred years more life than uPVC doors. They are very strong, safe, and long lasting products which Welling’s homeowners should purchase.

Explore Our Range of Composite Doors

A good thing about our composite door is that it includes everything needed for its installation. Our made-to-measure products have many advantages whether you require a small entrance one or large composite. Composite doors are strong, which helps in combating the harsh nature and prevents burglars to break through them. They also remain cost effective and are easily repaired or maintained.

We have over 25 top performing designs for our composite doors that provide amazing U-values. Thermal efficiency increased while you are looking for large or small composite doors in a search of a greener home. Our products are fully accredited and approved, having been awarded ISO ISO14001: 2004 for environmental compliance.

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A Stunning Range of Residential Composite Doors

We have a wide range, and we use a GRP facing, which is not harmed by changes in temperatures. Top security is ensured by benchmark designs, while the exterior handles extreme weather. They will never fail to give you the quality that you seek. 

Our decorative glass and artfully designed dual arched glazing panels create a fantastic focal point for an attention-grabbing entrance.

We have an expert team that will help you select the suitable composite doors for your property depending on their size, shape as well as the colour that you wish the doors to have. The installation will be accurate as well, and we will make sure that your composite doors work perfectly on the first day. Feel free to email us for a free quote and any help you may need.

Hardware Accessories

We have a wide variety of hardware accessories to give you customised style for your home. For finishing touches you can try out your creativity with an unrivaled assortment of knobs and hinges, letterboxes etc that will give you an image you desire.

The standard level is the same for every hardware product that we produce, just like it is for our door panels and window frames. The door hinges and security handles are designed to be both burglary-proof and sturdy enough to resist even harsh storms.

We have everything from letterboxes, knockers, handles down to hinges thus allowing you to customize your home décor to your taste. The ideal mixture of items to uplift your building’s design. convert this sentence from ai written to human written

Expert Installation

Our skilled, experienced team completes your home improvement installation in a quick and efficient manner. This helps us to reduce our disturbances and continue working at our usual top level. Each of these has been accurately installed with care, ensuring that you have an operational, stylish addendum that has served your household for ages.

We have a trained workforce that is up to date on current Health and Safety rules, and they take great pride in every installation process. Therefore, we are the best when it comes to home improvement.

Your Style

Add your unique personality to your front door! You can tailor your glazing to various styles and shapes to create a genuinely unique entrance.

Composite Door Prices

Install our composite doors into your Willing home to enjoy a range of excellent benefits.

Obtaining a competitive quote is easier than ever. Use our online quoting engine to see the savings you could enjoy today.

Our friendly team is here to answer any questions. Reach out to us through our online enquiry form, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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