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Wooden Windows

Wooden windows provide you with a natural, beautiful look both externally and internally. As wooden windows are made from renewable and sustainable materials, they have a minimal impact on the environment and will provide many benefits to the planet as well as homeowners.

Our timber windows are made to the highest standards to provide you with a top quality product. All our windows meet exacting industry standards for security, energy-efficiency and weather tightness, whilst also providing improved acoustic performance through reducing outdoor noise.

The wooden windows we install are tailor made to your property requirements. With a wide variety of styles available, timber windows are the perfect choice for new or replacement windows. We are able to perfectly match existing windows to uphold the period aesthetic of your home.

Ideal for period properties, maintaining the authentic aesthetic of historic homes, we have a number of finishes, handles and hinges to not only match any style but further enhance the complete appearance. Our extensive range is also excellent if a contemporary feel is more your taste.

In addition to the beautiful, natural look afforded by timber windows, they also have a surprising long service life. Combined with the sustainable source, low maintenance and high performance wooden windows are an excellent choice that will add value to your property.

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The wooden windows that we provide are made to the highest standards and come with a whole host of clever features to further enhance the security of your home. You’ll benefit from the many advancements made and the extra peace of mind you’ll have knowing your home is secure.

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Noise Reduction

Manufactured to our exceptionally high standards, our wooden windows offer incredible performance, not least when it comes to sound insulation. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace and quiet through dramatically reduced outside noises, providing outstanding sound insulation.

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Available in a wide range of colours you’ll be able to find the perfect windows to suit any home, whether you have a period property and wish to complement the authentic style, or you are looking to upgrade an existing property with a traditional charm. The choice is yours.

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Wooden windows are extremely versatile, offering an ideal solution for any type of property. They have the ability to match your home whatever the age, style or design. Our wooden windows can be made to existing designs such as arched or bowed features.

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Eco Friendly

Timber is recyclable, renewable and sustainable making it the most environmentally friendly material for window frames. It also requires significantly less energy to produce timber windows compared to other window frame materials.

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Our timber windows provide a remarkable level of weather tightness to minimise draughts and cold spots near large areas of glazing. They are tested for air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance and have exceeded the latest standards.

Thermal Efficiency

Replacing your existing windows offers great potential to make considerable savings through the efficient thermal performance and impressive heat retention capabilities of our wooden windows. This increases the efficiency of your heating system, resulting in lower energy bills.

All of these factors unite to create the optimal indoor climate, whilst eliminating draughts and providing weathertightness. You’ll be able to experience the many benefits, including warmer rooms, significant noise reduction and redcued heating costs.

High Performance

The high level of performance offered by our wooden windows ensure a comfortable internal living space and creates a more enjoyable, welcoming living area. The long-term weatherproofing of timber windows has been scientifically proven to be able to withstand extreme conditions.

By helping your home conserve heat during the winter months and keeping out the wind and rain, your property will become much more energy efficient. This results in a reduction of the energy needed, saving money on heating costs and further helping the environment.

Hardware Options

We have an extensive collection of fully customisable accessories available to give your windows the finishing touches that will complete your desired look. The handles and hinges available to you can embellish on a traditional style or contemporary appearance of your home.

Our friendly team are on hand to provide you with all the details of the hardware options available and to help you find the perfect combination. Whether you’re looking for the perfect match or a striking contrast, we have the experience to guide you to your ideal solution.



One major concern for homeowners can be the threat of burglary or intruders. Our high quality timber windows are tested to the BS7950 security standards, which equate to enhanced security performance for domestic properties.

Installed With Precision

Every single installation that we undertake is completed efficiently and promptly. We go the extra mile to minimise any disruption to your daily life and reduce any stress. You’ll be able to enjoy all the advantages of your new home improvements in no time at all.

We take great pride in every home improvement that we install. We ensure that all work is completed to our usual high standards. The finished work will provide you with a superbly functioning, stunning looking addition to your home that you’ll enjoy for a long time.

Our professional workforce are accredited and experienced. Current health and safety standards are strictly adhered to and all work is carried out to our usual high level of professionalism. You’ll be left in no doubt that you made the right choice.

Low Maintenance

It’s a commonly held belief that timber windows require a great deal of maintenance. However, with recent advancements you’ll be surprised how little work is needed to keep your timber windows looking fantastic and performing to their best for many years.

Over the past few decades, preservative treatments have significantly improved. This results in the finished look normally lasting 10 years. The wood is coated before installation, which allows our wooden windows to uphold incredibly low standards of maintenance.

One huge benefit of timber windows is in the occurrence of any damage, replacement is not necessarily required. Damaged sections can usually be easily repaired without needing to replace the whole window and can be matched exactly to the original frame.

Value For Money

Real wooden window frames are manufactured differently to uPVC. The quality of the material is of the utmost of importance to ensure the windows perform to our high standards and last for many years to come. With a simple recoat every 10 years you can expect them to last at least 30 years.

With this long service life, together with the high performance and beautiful natural aesthetics, investing in timber window frames represents real value for money. You can be sure that the character and charm that timber windows provide will add value to your property, allowing you to enjoy more.

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