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uPVC Stable Doors

Stable doors have proven themselves to be an incredibly popular choice amongst homeowners, allowing for a seamless addition that brings a country charm. Our doors utilise contemporary designs to ensure they are in keeping with modern demands.

Unlike their traditional timber counterparts, our uPVC stable doors uphold impressive standards of low maintenance. This means they won’t rot, warp or discolour over time, even in the face of extensive use and adverse weather.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, these double glazed doors can be easily tailored to match the aesthetic of your home. No matter the style of your property, our uPVC stable doors can be easily decorated to match.

Dual Sash Design

Stable doors are renowned for their two sash design, causing them to become an instantly recognisable home improvement solution. This allows for a unique degree of multi-functionality, offering increased ventilation and views without reduced security.

Highly Secure

We utilise market-leading uPVC profiles to ensure an inherent standard of door security. This is achieved via premium grade uPVC combining with high security, multi-point locking mechanisms to ensure security is consistent throughout.

Thermally Efficient

Our stable doors feature a multi-chambered profile, which has been specially designed to trap in pockets of warm air and notably increase the heat retention abilities of your property. This allows for a warmer, more comfortable home across the year.

Eco-Friendly Manufacture

To ensure a sustainable standard of high quality, our uPVC stable doors are the result of an economically friendly manufacturing process. This is achieved by using 100% recycled uPVC, which does not falter on quality or performance.

Traditional Aesthetic

Offering a beautifully period charm to both modern and traditional properties, our stable doors will be a beautiful addition to any property style. This means that they are incredibly versatile in their installation, ensuring no homeowner needs to miss out.


High performance gaskets are used to ensure exceptional weather seals, eliminating the possibility of draughts and water ingress. This addition not only means your home will remain comfortable throughout the year, it will also reduce the possibility of water damage.

Halo uPVC Stable Doors

Halo uPVC stable doors feature a premium design that offers impressive standards of thermal efficiency, security and durability. Standing as the ideal replacement for timber, these uPVC doors bring the stable design into the modern design.

Offering peace of mind to any homeowner, these stable doors can be upgraded to conform to PAS24. This means that they offer an impressive degree of home security, meaning you can rest assured you, your family and your property remain safe.

Excelling in thermal efficiency, these doors utilise a high performance thermal insert to trap pockets of warm air and keep the heat within your property. This is then enhanced by BS6375 standards of weather tightness, which reduces the possibility of product deterioration.

Practical uPVC Stable Doors

We also offer a high performance range of uPVC stable doors. Backed by a 10 year guarantee, these doors offer a standard of quality that is guaranteed to last an extended period of time. They will prove to be a wonderful addition to any home, both old and new.

These doors comprise of an energy efficiency, low maintenance design. By combining these two features, our doors enable you to enjoy a warmer more comfortable home throughout the year that requires incredibly minimal upkeep.

We install multi-point locking mechanisms throughout all of our stable doors, ensuring high security is maintained across the design. These locks are expertly fitted into a robust, inherently strong frame that upholds impressive standards of structural integrity.

Hardware Options

Choose from a comprehensive range of hardware options to enhance the performance and aesthetic of your home. This includes a range of handles and hinges that allow you to complement the aesthetic of your property more precisely.

All of our hardware options are made from premium materials to ensure their performance and longevity is guaranteed. This means that they will uphold the standard of quality that we offer with our stable doors.

To ensure your hardware choices operate perfectly, we will utilise our expertise to guarantee a professional and reliable installation. You won’t have to worry about your hardware performing to inferior standards.

Colours and Finishes

The colours that we offer allow you to decorate your stable door to fit seamlessly into your home, including a range of woodgrain foils for a more traditional finish. All of our colours feature a highly durable coating for an appearance that lasts.

With our Veka range, you can choose from a wide range of 30 woodgrain and coloured foils. This includes colour such as ‘Golden Oak’, ‘Rosewood’ and ‘Ivory’. Low maintenance, vibrant and eye catching, these colours are sure to satisfy.

Our range can be outfitted in a choice from their made to order range, allowing you to bespoke your stable door precisely to your tastes. We also offer an extensive range of standard colour options for a more classic feel.

Outstanding Materials

All of our uPVC stable doors utilise premium grade uPVC to ensure that their performance, durability and aesthetic is guaranteed. This not only offers you peace of mind, it also means that our doors will prove to be a worthwhile investment for your property.

Due to the quality of materials used, all of our uPVC stable doors uphold an impressive degree of structural integrity. This means that they offer an outstanding degree of inherent security, which is then enhanced with high security locking systems.

This standard of quality also makes our stable doors incredibly low maintenance, greatly surpassing their timber counterparts. To keep your doors looking ‘as new’, all you will need to do is give them a wipe with a damp cloth.

Cost Effective

The thermal efficiency of our stable doors combines with our competitive pricing to offer you a wonderfully cost-effective option for your home. You’ll be able to enjoy premium standards of quality in an affordable way.

As our doors work to effectively trap in pockets of warm air, you’ll find that you are relying less on your heating to warm your property. This will result in lower heating costs throughout the year, as the effectiveness of your central heating is enhanced.

Not only do our stable doors offer a cost-effective option, they are also incredibly eco-friendly. The increased heat retention of your home will result in less energy use, which will in turn allow you to produce a notably lower carbon footprint.

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