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Flush Sash Windows

uPVC flush sash windows are a perfect choice for heritage and conservation projects. These sash windows are designed to sit flush within the frame, creating a seamless look. The design mirrors the elegant style of early 19th Century timber framed windows.

Period properties are beautiful but can be associated with common performance issues. These include badly fitting timber frames and ineffective single glazed window panes, causing draughts and poor heat retention. Now you can keep the authentic aesthetic without compromising on performance.

Traditional timber frames can be expensive, they require regular maintenance and can be difficult to replace. Our uPVC flush sash windows offer the simple classic lines of traditional timber frames together with the advantages of modern performance.

uPVC flush sash windows are suitable for every type of property. They are a superb solution for listed properties or where planning restrictions exist. Resembling timber frames, they recreate an authentic look, while the minimalist design also works well in contemporary properties.

Low Maintenance

The qualities of uPVC provide a strong, durable product that is built to last. Their strength means they will not warp or crack over time. With no need for painting, our uPVC flush sash windows are extremely low maintenance, keeping an ‘as new’ appearance.

Safe and Secure

Our sash windows are manufactured to the highest standards. They are designed to be strong and robust to deliver enhanced security to keep your family, home and property safe. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind offered by knowing your home is secure.


Our uPVC flush sash windows have exceeded testing standards for air permeability, watertightness and wind resistance. Your home will be able to resist the worst of our British weather without compromising on your authentic period look.

Eco Friendly

Every part of our uPVC windows is 100% recyclable. When the time comes for them to be replaced, all the materials can be used again. This makes them incredibly economically friendly and part of a sustainable manufacturing process of high quality products across the board.

Authentic Look

An authentic look is important, especially for historic buildings. Our uPVC flush sash windows are stunning replicas of timber framed windows. They provide you with a genuine alternative to timber frames that will blend into the classic appearance of your historic home.


To further enhance the period aesthetic, we offer a range finishes, including woodgrain foils to remain in keeping with the style of your period property. Recreate the the style of the 19th Century with all of the benefits you get from modern uPVC windows, ensuring you enjoy the very best.

Thermal Efficiency

Our uPVC flush sash windows feature an innovative design to provide enhanced thermal performance. By incorporating multiple, fully enclosed chambers to trap pockets of warm air, the result is that the efficiency of your central heating system is improved. Helping you save money on energy costs across the board.

Our energy-efficient frames, together with double or even triple glazing will ensure your home is more weathertight and draught-proof. Enjoy warmer rooms, a significant reduction of outside noise and increased security while at the same time saving money on your heating bills. Enjoy more, for less.

Designed to withstand the British weather without discolouration, you can enjoy the sleek aesthetic, incredible functionality and other fantastic benefits for many years to come without your chosen style fading or diminishing. Guarantee yourself quality that is set to last by choosing Sutton Home Improvements, today.

Halo uPVC Flush Sash Windows

Made to the highest quality Halo uPVC flush sash windows are market-leading home improvements. The clever combination of function and design of the System10 profiles provide excellent views with reduced sightlines and chamfered edges and can be upgraded to conform to PAS24.

The Halo Rustique range, which includes extras such as single leg beading, is also available as an option. Rigidity and performance are further increased by the extra thickness and strength from the profile. This is achieved through an innovative design of five enclosed chambers.

Halo uPVC Flush Sash Windows Thermal-Efficiency

Ideal for heritage and period properties, Halo uPVC flush sash windows with double or triple glazing enhance the energy-efficiency of your home, ensuring historic homes are more weathertight and draught-proof. Benefit from a warmer home, reduction of outdoor noise and lower energy costs across the board.

The energy-efficient profile, featuring five fully enclosed chambers, is designed to mirror the elegant window styles of the early 19th Century. Providing a cost-effective solution to some common problems associated with period properties, and achieving modern performance with a traditional appearance.

A secondary weather seal on the beading provides your property with extra protection against the worst of the British weather. By positioning a 10mm overlap between the outward sash and the frame, the Halo range of windows surpasses the thermal-efficiency standards set by previous uPVC technology.

Intelligently designed features of all the Halo windows in the range achieve the BS6375 certification of weathertightness. Some of the features are the PCE gasket which includes a weather seal flipper and glazing pad, as well as wider drainage channels to minimise the risk of residue and keep performance optimal.

Timeless uPVC Flush Sash Windows

Harnessing the unique qualities of uPVC, strength, durability and sustainability, we offer a market-leading range of uPVC windows in a variety of styles and colours to suit any property. Not only will you benefit from beautiful aesthetics, all windows in the range are A+ energy rated.

Our uPVC windows provide a high level of heat retention through the thermal-efficient performance and draught reduction of the profile and glazing, saving you money on your energy costs and minimising noise pollution. They also have great functionality to provide your home with controlled ventilation.

The sophisticated design produces a sleek aesthetic to suit any property, as well as superb functionality and outstanding performance. The perfect combination of strength, performance, functionality and elegance, our uPVC windows come with the peace of mind that a 10 year guarantee brings.

Installed With Precision

We strive to ensure the installation of your home improvement is completed promptly and efficiently. Taking every step possible to reduce any disruption to your daily life, minimising stress. You’ll quickly be enjoying the many benefits of your new home improvement, enjoying complete satisfaction across the board.

Not only will your installation be promptly undertaken, our expert workforce will ensure that it is completed to our usual high standards. Leaving your home with improvements that function superbly, look fantastic and will last for years to come. These windows are sure to be a fantastic addition to any home.

Our experienced installers are all accredited and adhere to current health and safety standards. We ensure every installation is carried out with the same high level of professionalism. You’ll know you made the right choice from the service you receive, ensuring you enjoy a wortwhile addition to your property.

Your Choice Of Hardware

You can fully customise your home improvements with the amazing array of hardware options available. We have a huge variety of high quality handles and hinges that can embellish the traditional appearance of your period home.

One of our friendly team members can provide you with more details of the hardware options available. We have established a wealth of experience helping our customers and we are happy to assist you in finding the perfect combination to achieve the desired look for your property.

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