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Are you in need of a double glazed uPVC door in Greenwich? Look no further! Our range of uPVC doors are designed to fit any personal style, and are made to the highest standards for extra durability and protection for your home. Plus, they’re much more affordable than you might expect, so you can preserve your home’s original condition for years to come. Get in touch today to get the perfect uPVC door solution for your Greenwich property.

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Low Maintenance

Our uPVC doors are made with superior materials and are resistant to cracking and warping, regardless of the weather conditions. There is no need to regularly repaint or replace these uPVC doors, ensuring that they maintain their good looks throughout the year.

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Thermal Efficiency

The design of our uPVC Doors works to maximize thermal efficiency. Their multi-chambered profile helps keep the warm air in your home, thus diminishing the need to use up energy. With this, you can benefit from cost reduction, while still enjoying the warmth and coziness of your Greenwich home.

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In order to meet Part M regulations and make it easier to access your home, we can install a low threshold for your uPVC front door. This low threshold will be beneficial for wheelchairs, prams, and buggies that need to enter and exit often.

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Style and Finish

When selecting the style of your new uPVC door, tap into your creative side! There are a plethora of options, including varied colors, finishes, woodgrain appearances, and unique glass shapes and sizes. You have no bounds in the way of potential.

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When selecting one of our uPVC doors, you can trust that you are receiving the highest levels of protection and comfort. Each door has been rigorously tested to ensure it is wind and rain resistant, providing you with the assurance that your property is secure. Our doors possess unparalleled sturdiness and quality, letting you rest easy knowing your house is safe.

uPVC Doors Prices Kent

Eco Friendly

The materials used in the production of our uPVC doors are entirely recyclable, making our process both economically and environmentally efficient. We are further able to reduce our carbon footprint as we are able to reuse parts from old doors and frames that we replace.

Safe And Secure

Our uPVC doors are created with the utmost precision – built with integrated steel frames and multi-point locks for the best security possible. The locks, hinges, and glass are all reinforced to the strictest of standards, giving your family and property the unbeatable protection they deserve. These doors are constructed with unmatched precision and strength that guarantee total defence. Our dedication to safety is evident in the design and manufacture of these doors.

Finishing Touches

If you’re looking to bring a unique and personal touch to your home, our selection of uPVC doors and accessories is sure to help. With only the highest-quality of hardware and materials, including robust hinges and handles, weatherproof elements, and more, you can make sure every little detail counts. You can even get personal touches like house numbers or names incorporated with coloured leading glass, plus door knockers, door knobs, letterboxes and sills – all helping you to create the perfect look for your perfect home.


Halo uPVC Doors

A home in Greenwich can be enhanced with a robust uPVC door from Halo. The modern production techniques used by the company will ensure your home stays comfortable and shielded from harsh weather conditions due to its exceptional thermally insulating properties. There are a range of frame and component options available to accommodate each individual’s design preference, in addition to the extra security that exceeds the common standards of weather seals. An aesthetically pleasing and energy-saving uPVC door will make your home stylish, safe and energy efficient.

Stylish uPVC Doors

Our uPVC doors and windows in our Greenwich home have been designed to make it aesthetically pleasing, structurally secure and energy efficient. These features, such as interior and exterior functionality, draught-proofing and multi-point locking systems, provide us with 10 years of low-maintenance comfort, security and energy efficiency.

Expert Installation

Our team of highly trained, certified professionals have a commitment to excellence that ensures your home improvement addition will be installed both accurately and quickly. We guarantee perfect results and longevity which will leave you reassured that you made the right choice in trusting us.


Greenwich homeowners can find the perfect look for their house with our extensive selection of uPVC doors. These doors offer exceptional style, thermal performance and sustainable affordability; making them a great choice for providing better insulation and minimizing energy costs. With our uPVC doors, you can enjoy boosting the character of your home without breaking the bank.

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