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French Door Design

French Doors Croydon

Seamless Design

French doors can seamlessly extend your living space into the outside world. Whether you are using them as a back door or for a conservatory, they’ll open outward to your garden with ease.


French Door Prices Croydon

Low Maintenance

With uPVC frames that are fully weatherproof and highly durable, you won’t have to maintain new French doors. All you have to do is wipe them down to keep them looking their best.


French Door Cost Croydon

Hardware Options

You can fully customise your new French doors to suit your Croydon home’s style precisely. There is a huge range of colours and hardware, so you can say ‘bonjour’ to a bespoke design.

French Doors Croydon

French doors are a fantastic investment with a touch of flair for your home in Croydon. These doors can make entering your garden, conservatory, or another space entirely feel seamless. French doors are double doors, meaning that you can push them open almost like curtains.

Each side goes in the opposite direction, meaning you can open them much more widely than a standard design. Because of this, you’ll get ample space to access your garden and to ventilate your home in the summer. Also, when you close the doors, you’ll let more natural light through with a large double glazing panel, and insulate your home with a durable uPVC profile.

At Sutton, we offer leading quality French doors at local prices in Croydon. We’re proud to be a partner of VEKA, meaning we can offer their heavenly Halo door range. VEKA’s uPVC French doors are the market-leaders, with a uPVC profile that is fully weatherproof, lightweight and versatile.

You’ll be able to customise the uPVC as well, with a range of colours and finishes that won’t fade over time. Your new French doors will be incredibly durable and low maintenance too. That way, these doors can last for 30 years or even longer, and you can spend more time enjoying your new doors than worrying about them.

uPVC French Doors croydon

Benefits of our French Doors

Open the door to a world of possibilities with new French doors for your home in Croydon!

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Beautiful Aesthetics

French doors look just as good open as they do closed. When you open them, the doors spread outward, revealing a seamless pathway to your garden. When you shut them, the uPVC frame shines in the light.

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Thermal Efficiency

Our French doors use a combination of advanced double glazing and VEKA's durable uPVC. Because of this, your doors will have superb insulation, helping you cut the cost of your energy bills every day!

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Increased Security

Sutton puts safety and security first in all of our products. That's why our French doors have multi-point locking systems and internal hardware as standard. These doors are a burglar's worst nightmare.

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Sturdy and Reliable

VEKA's innovative uPVC profiles are built to last. The uPVC is fully weatherproof, so the frames won't rot, crack or twist in even the worst conditions. That way, you'll get protection you can rely on for decades.

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Bespoke Design

Your French doors can be as unique as your Croydon home is. That's because you can fully customise the design to suit you! Choose from bespoke handles, accessories, and a range of colours and finishes for a stylish addition.

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Both VEKA and Sutton are committed to a sustainable future. That's why the uPVC in your new French doors will be fully recyclable. When your doors wear down, you can be sure the uPVC won't go to landfill.

Your French Doors

With Sutton, your French doors will make good on your investment. Firstly, the thermal efficiency of the design will help you make any space warmer. That makes them ideal for a conservatory, as they can improve its insulation, making it more usable throughout the year. You’ll be able to use less energy too, saving money while reducing your carbon footprint.

French doors are a fully weatherproof design as well, thanks to the uPVC frames. Unlike traditional timber, uPVC doesn’t crack or decay, meaning water won’t seep through it for decades, protecting your home from draughts and dampness.

And, when it comes to security, you’ll have the doors you need to close off the threat of burglary. Your door will have multi-point locking systems that stop anybody separating the glazing from the frame. Also, uPVC is impact-resistant, so it’ll take a lot of force to get through your doors.

When you close them, they’ll stay closed, with innovative internal hardware that the uPVC frame protects from rust and wear. When you open your French doors, though, you can brighten your whole home in Croydon. French doors swing open to reveal a wide-open gateway to your garden, meaning your whole family can enjoy the outside world with ease.

French Door Styles croydon

French Door Prices Croydon

Add a touch of European flair with French doors for your home in Croydon!

At Sutton, it’s simple and straightforward to find low prices for unique French doors. you can get a quote using our online quote builder today, and customise any door to get a unique option for your home. 

Our friendly team are also on hand to answer any questions you might have – fill in our online contact form to ask them, or give us a call on 0800 212 289 to speak to the team directly.

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