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Sutton‘s wooden windows can enhance your home in Epsom with traditional style and modern performance. While older wooden windows wear down too quickly for homes today, we don’t believe that timber windows have had their day yet. Because of this, we’ve set about creating wooden windows that have an authentic timber quality, but with a new twist to improve these classic designs.

By working with market-leading companies, we can offer wooden windows for your Epsom home that endure. Our designs have premium-grade timber which is more resilient than the wood in older designs. Innovatively coated for durability, our timber windows will last for your home. And, throughout their lifespan, they’ll be able to make your home more secure, weather-resistant and warm.

You might think our wooden windows would only work for traditional homes in Epsom. However, their authentic quality can add a sense of class to modern ones too. Our wooden windows are also fully customisable designs, and you can modify the colours, styles and accessories of your new designs to suit you. You’ll have endless possibilities when you install with Sutton.

Sutton Windows is a trusted local installer of wooden windows in Epsom and the surrounding areas. With our designs, you can add classic quality to your home with a modern feel, balancing old and new seamlessly. Not only that, our installation service is just as good as our windows. Our installers always offer a 5-star service along with our premium products. Use our online quoting tool to find out how much you could save with Sutton today!

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You can have peace of mind knowing that our timber windows are highly secure. With more resilient wooden profiles, you’ll get more protection from forced entry attempts. However, we don’t stop there to keep you safe. We make sure all the windows we fit have advanced multi-point locking mechanisms to make sure nobody can separate the glass from the frame.


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Noise Insulating

Doesn’t everybody want to enjoy a quieter home? With our wooden windows, you could make it a reality for your home in Epsom. We’ve worked hard to design our wooden doors with excellent sound insulation, meaning you can enjoy your living space without any distractions. Our timber windows can deal with traffic, commotion and more.

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One of the benefits of installing wooden windows with Sutton in Epsom is that you can customise the design! We can make your windows to your exact requirements, and we have a range of choices for you to pick from for your window. You can choose a unique colour, leading hardware and stylish accessories to complement your living space.

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Wooden windows are more versatile than you might think. While they might have a classic look, their timeless design lends itself well to modern properties too. And, with a range of coloured woodgrain finishes, you can style your new window to any home. As a result, it won’t matter whether you install our wooden windows in a traditional or modern Epsom home.

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At Sutton, we believe in helping our planet. It’s why we’ve made our wooden windows an environmentally-friendly option for your home in Epsom. We sustainably source all of the timber that goes in our windows, and wood is a renewable material. Because of this, you can invest in our windows in the knowledge that you’ll be helping the planet in your own small way.

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With our innovative coating, wooden windows from Sutton can deal with the elements. While older wooden windows would crack, twist and warp out of shape in bad weather, our modern timber designs will resist wind and rain for a lot longer. We test our profiles for their air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance to make sure they’ll keep you warm and dry.

High Performance Wooden Windows

At Sutton Windows, we’re committed to offering wooden windows in Epsom that are of the highest quality. So, with our designs, you can be sure you’ll get a window that can perform for your home. With our premium-grade timber, you’ll get the ideal blend of strength and style. And, because timber is a low conductor naturally, less hot or cold air will pass through the profiles.

Because of this, our wooden windows can make your Epsom home more efficient. We’ve made our windows some of the leading designs on the market when it comes to insulation, and our designs have high Window Energy Ratings. Not only that, our advanced double glazing makes your windows strong, too. As a result, they can keep burglars or intruders well away from your home.


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Wooden Window Prices Epsom

With Sutton, you could start the journey to adding wooden windows in your Epsom home in seconds!

All you have to do is use our online costing tool to design your dream window. From there, we can offer you an accurate quote for any window design you can create from our broad range of products.

Alternatively, you could get in touch with our friendly team to ask any questions you may have. You can fill in our online contact form or call us directly on 0800 212 289 today!

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