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When you consider brand new wooden windows for your home in Greenwich, you can see that they offer many benefits for your home. They are all the rage because they help keep your home warmer and incredibly robust. The windows also look fantastic because they offer lots of character to your home.

 Wood is ideal because of its natural beauty, but also because it comes in many durable colours too. As a result, it doesn’t rust, warp, or fade in the long run, because it accepts different paints very easily. This way, you can benefit from Sutton’s bespoke service and tailor the windows to your own personality.

In addition to this, you can reap the benefits of natural light as well, thanks to the window’s advanced double glazing. This can bring a positive to your Greenwich home while also being a strong heat insulator. The windows can trap natural heat in your home, creating a robust thermal barrier that keeps your family home warm and comfortable. But that’s not all, because this can help save money on energy bills as you won’t have to use the extra heat.

When you choose Sutton to install your windows, feel confident that we are a trusted local installer, so you can rely on us to fit your windows perfectly. Not only that, but we offer quick lead times as well. So you can benefit from a professional and efficient service.





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Your wooden windows offer plenty of security thanks to the advanced double glazing on offer. The resilient design helps ward off intruders much more easily. You will also benefit from advanced shootbolt techniques and multipoint locking systems, so you and your family can have a strong peace of mind.

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Noise Insulating

Your wooden window is not only a great insulator of heat. It also allows you to have privacy as well, which is beneficial if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or near an airport. These sounds will be reduced to a quiet hush, so you can enjoy your living space for much longer.

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One of the main benefits of choosing a wooden window is how customisable it is. This is because the wood that we choose is suitable for a variety of paints, so you can go for any colour or style you like. You can also go for a variety of finishes and durable hardware, which can help reflect your personality. We want you to have free rein over your window, so we will work closely to help achieve your design.

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Your wooden window is both versatile and incredibly functional. With its durable design, it offers a classic look with plenty of modern benefits. This means they are suitable for lots of properties, whether they are modern or traditional. Benefit from a perfect fit, wherever you live.

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Your windows are very robust and durable, but they also save you plenty of money on the environment. This is because their advanced double glazing creates a positive atmosphere, so you don’t have to turn on the lights as much. Furthermore, the windows create a robust thermal barrier that traps natural heat inside your home, which will keep you and your family warm and comfortable. Because the windows are fully recyclable, they can be fully reused once they come to the end of their lifespan. This means they can get a brand new lease on life.

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At Sutton, we understand how unpredictable the Greenwich weather can be. While other windows might suffer from bad conditions, our windows are incredibly strong and durable. As a result, you can be assured that you will stay protected for a long time, thanks to the durable coating. But that’s not all because the advanced double glazing will be able to resist hard knocks.

You can even save lots of money on repairs because the thick panes of glass will ensure that you won’t get any leaks in your windows. You’ll also benefit from a well insulated window because cold air gets trapped outside.

High Performance Wooden Windows

At Sutton, we create high performing wooden windows that will last in your home for a very long time. We do this by using premium grade timber in our windows which is a very low conductor of heat, which can improve your home’s insulation. Save money on your energy bills for years to come.

The windows are very secure, too, thanks to their advanced double glazing, so they will ward off intruders easily. Ensure your home is kept safe for a long time.


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When you have decided on your ideal wooden windows, get in contact with Sutton today. You can use our free online costing tool. to get started on building your dream windows. Look at our wide range of styles and customisable options.

Alternatively, you can even contact us through our online contact form or call us on 0800 212 289. We will be happy to help you.









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