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With Sutton Windows, you can find wooden windows that have no drawbacks for your home in Thamesmead. Our designs have a classic look, adding genuine prestige to any property. However, we use premium quality timber in our windows to make sure they can perform just as well as modern windows. Because of this, you can enjoy a wooden window that brings superb performance to your home, including thermal efficiency and security.

Wooden windows used to be seen as relics of the past. Most wooden windows from then would struggle in bad weather, wear down quickly and struggle with insulating your living space. However, we’ve designed our timber windows to perform better in all conditions and to insulate your home across the year. Our premium timber and market-leading double glazing ensure your windows perform for your home.

With our timber windows, you can also pick a stunning design for your property. Our designs are fully bespoke, meaning you can customise them to suit your home. You can pick from a range of styles, colours and finishes to suit you, meaning you won’t have to compromise on any aspect of your window. As a result, you can pick up traditional wooden windows that are perfect for classic and modern homes alike.

And, by choosing Sutton Windows, you can install wooden windows for less. Our high-quality wooden windows are available at competitive prices, as we’re a local installer in your area. We also only fit made-to-measure, meaning your windows will be a perfect match for your property. You can rely on our team to provide close attention to detail and treat your home as they would their own.

wooden windows Thamesmead


We make the security of your home our top priority at Sutton Windows. It’s why we make sure our wooden windows have advanced security hardware as standard, keeping your home safe. Our designs come with multi-point locking systems, making the frame impossible to break through, while the robust timber frames make your windows more impact-resistant. Because of this, our wooden windows are a burglar’s worst nightmare.

wooden windows prices Thamesmead

Reduce Noise

With our wooden windows, you can also get some quiet inside your living space. It’s because the frames and double glazing in our windows work together to reduce external noise. As a result, installing these windows could help you sleep easier and focus more closely. Planes, people and even traffic won’t cause you any issues anymore, and you’ll be able to enjoy a quieter living space without any distractions.

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Bespoke Design

By choosing Sutton Windows, you can make hundreds more choices for your home when you install our wooden windows. You can customise our designs with a range of options, meaning all of the windows we fit are tailor-made options. You can find unique designs, colours, hardware and accessories from our extensive range of options for your living space. Because of this, you’ll always find the perfect fit.

wooden windows prices Thamesmead


Our modern wooden windows are versatile enough to work well in both 0ld and new homes. Because of this, you can add period style to a more modern home while also preserving the classic look of a more traditional living space. You won’t lose your home’s sense of heritage by fitting our wooden windows, either. All of our designs have a detailed, handcrafted quality that makes them stand out.

timber windows Thamesmead


At Sutton Windows, we install wooden windows that will benefit the environment for your home. All of our designs feature sustainably sourced timber, and we only get our wood from responsibly managed forests. Not only that, you can recycle the timber in our windows once its served its purpose, meaning less waste. Wood is bio-degradable, too, meaning it won’t cause any environmental damage.

timber windows Thamesmead


Finally, our wooden windows can deal with bad weather far better than older designs. We use advanced timber with sealings and coatings that help our windows withstand the elements throughout the year. You’ll only have to recoat your wooden windows every decade to keep them looking perfect for your home, too! Your windows won’t crack, distort, warp or even discolour for years to come.

Outstanding Performance

We’ve made sure the wooden windows we install at Sutton provide outstanding performance for your home in Thamesmead. Our wooden windows have industry-leading hardware, meaning they perform well in any conditions. Not only that, our windows stand the test of time. Because of this, you can benefit from their thermal efficiency, security and strength for several decades without extensive maintenance!

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Wooden Window Prices Thamesmead

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