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For those in New Malden looking for a double glazed uPVC door, we are here to help. Our selection of uPVC doors is perfect for any property and we offer a wide range of colours, hardware, and decorative finishes to match any personal style. Our uPVC doors are constructed to the highest standards and provide excellent security, energy-efficiency, and weather tightness. They are highly durable and resistant to regular use, guaranteeing that your home will remain protected and retain its original state for years to come. Furthermore, these doors are affordable and an ideal choice for New Malden homeowners looking for a reliable double glazed uPVC door solution.

uPVC Doors Orpington

Low Maintenance

Our uPVC doors are constructed from durable, high quality materials that are resistant to cracking and warping, even in severe weather. Never needing a repaint or replacement, you can remain confident that your uPVC doors will sustain their attractive condition year-round.

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Thermal Efficiency

Our uPVC Doors are designed with impressive thermal efficiency in mind. Through the use of specially designed, enclosed chambers, they are able to retain warm air within and build up heat, leading to improved efficiency of your home’s central heating system. Not only that but with their zero-draught guarantee, you’ll be able to enjoy the cost-saving benefits of a warmer, more energy efficient New Malden home for many years to come. Each uPVC door has a multi-chambered profile that ensures excellent thermal efficiency.

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For increased accessibility and compliance with Part M regulations, we can install a low threshold for your front uPVC door. This is ideal for those who require regular access for wheelchairs, prams, and buggies.

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Style and Finish

When picking out the style for your new uPVC door, you can unleash your creative side. With a wide range of colors and finishes, from a realistic woodgrain look to distinct shapes and sizes of glass, the possibilities are endless.

uPVC Doors Prices Bromley


Our selection of uPVC doors ensures that your property is kept safe and comfortable, regardless of the weather. All of our doors have been extensively tested in order to guarantee that they provide excellent protection against wind, rain, and other severe conditions. You can have complete confidence in the strength and quality of your new door.

uPVC Doors Prices Kent

Eco Friendly

Our uPVC doors are made from entirely recyclable materials, creating an economically-efficient production process. Furthermore, we can reuse the components of any doors and frames that are replaced, making our process even more environmentally friendly and reducing our carbon footprint.

Safe And Secure

Our commitment to safety is reflected in the high-quality uPVC doors we provide. Constructed with maximum care, they feature integrated steel frames and multi-point locks for unbeatable protection. The door locks, hinges, and glass are all purposely hardened to meet stringent insurance standards. With precision and strength, these doors guarantee the ultimate defence for your family and possessions.

Finishing Touches

No matter the aesthetic or personal style of your home, our comprehensive selection of uPVC doors and accessories allow you to create a unique look that is exclusively yours. All our hardware accessories have been developed to the highest standards, just like our installation services. This includes robust, high security handles, hinges and precision weatherproofing elements. Furthermore, you can customize even further by adding a personal touch such as a name or house number with a coloured glass detail. A wide range of door knockers, door knobs, letterboxes and sills are also available to help you take home customization to the next level.


Halo uPVC Doors

Uphold the look and performance of your New Malden home with a high-quality uPVC door from Halo. Our innovative production methods ensure excellent thermal insulation and maximum weather defense. The perfect door can be tailor-made for your home with a selection of compatible frames and components. Take advantage of Halo’s advanced design and engineering which not only meet the regular weather seal requirements, but provide an additional layer of protection. Enjoy a stylish, secure, and energy-efficient home with the perfect uPVC door that reflects your unique taste.

Stylish uPVC Doors

Our New Malden home can benefit from the combination of strength, durability, sustainability and style thanks to our uPVC doors and windows which are ‘A’ energy rated. These items feature inward or outward opening functionality, draught reduction for a steady interior temperature, thermal-efficient performance and multi-point locking for ultimate security. Additionally, they come with low maintenance and a 10 year guarantee, making them the ideal choice.

Expert Installation

Entrust our experienced personnel to quickly and accurately install your home improvement addition. Our team is highly trained and certified, with the highest standards in the industry, and our work is guaranteed to provide perfect results and long-term durability. Put your faith in our capable hands and you won’t regret it.


Enjoy customized style, excellent thermal performance and sustainable affordability for your home in New Malden with our uPVC doors! Our wide range of uPVC doors fits any property style and delivers a warmer indoor climate, lower energy costs and a unique character to your home.

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