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For homeowners in Sidcup seeking stylish yet reliable entrance solutions, our selection of custom-made uPVC doors is the perfect choice. We offer competitive prices without compromising on craftsmanship, and our uPVC doors come in a range of colors and styles to ensure you can choose the ideal appearance for your home. Our uPVC doors are designed for strength and energy efficiency, providing you with protection from adverse weather, theft, and costly utility bills. With a variety of colors, hardware, and finishes to choose from, we are sure you can create the perfect uPVC door for your home that will stand the test of time.

uPVC Doors Orpington

Low Maintenance

The stunning craftsmanship of our uPVC doors ensures unbeatable durability in the face of any extreme weather. Their unparalleled frame materials resist paint chipping or fading and offer protection against warping or splintering for lasting beauty. Even years after installation, these uPVC doors will keep their original pristine look without needing any replacements.

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Thermal Efficiency

Designed with superior thermal performance in mind, our uPVC Doors are multi-chambered and crafted from high quality materials. Sealed when shut, the uPVC doors trap pockets of warm air, reducing the amount of energy needed to keep your Sidcup home warm. Not only does this save on energy costs, but it ensures zero draughts providing complete peace of mind.

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This uPVC door has been designed to make it easier for wheelchair users, people in buggies/prams, and those using other mobility aids to enter your building. It has also been developed to meet requirements of the Building Regulations Act, Part M, which means your structure is compliant with necessary regulations.

uPVC Doors Prices Orpington

Style and Finish

Bring your vision to life with our stunning range of uPVC entrance doors! From lifelike woodgrain finishes to decorative designs, the possibilities are endless. We offer a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes of glass panes so you can customize your door however you’d like. Start dreaming, and let us make it come true!

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You can be confident that our uPVC doors provide maximum security from even the toughest weather conditions. All of our doors are rigorously tested for tightness, waterproofness, and wind resistance to ensure that your property is completely protected. When you buy one of our uPVC doors, you can be certain that your home or business will remain safe and secure.

uPVC Doors Prices Kent

Eco Friendly

We produce our uPVC doors in an environmentally and economically responsible way, using components that can be recycled. We reduce our negative environmental effects by repurposing doors and frames when needed rather than replacing them.

Safe And Secure

Here at our company, we take pride in ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones in your home. We have engineered our uPVC doors with security as our priority by incorporating strong steel frames, multi-point locking systems, reinforced hinges, door locks, and glass that meet or exceed the standards established by insurance companies. You can be confident that these doors provide the adequate protection your home needs.

Finishing Touches

You can have confidence knowing that our uPVC doors and accessories provide customised solutions with top-level quality standards. We offer a wide variety of products including: high security locks, hinges, stained-glass house numbers, door knockers, door knobs, letterboxes, and sills—all of which offer unbeatable security, weather protection, and a highly individualised finish.


Halo uPVC Doors

Give your Sidcup home a makeover with the secure and modern Halo uPVC door. Using the latest technologies and quality materials, these custom-made doors are designed to be a weatherproof barrier to your home while giving you full creative control over your entrance design. Our durable and energy-efficient doors comply to industry standards, giving you the peace of mind that comes with quality products. Enjoy a modern and secure home with a Halo uPVC door.

Stylish uPVC Doors

Searching for the ideal enhancement to your Sidcup abode? Don’t look any further – our top-tier uPVC doors and windows have got you covered! Our carefully crafted designs bring an attractive and modern look to your property, while providing unbeatable security, improved insulation, and hassle-free maintenance. We’ve also included a 10 year warranty and ‘A’ energy ratings across the range! With several distinguished styles, colours and options for inward or outward openings, you’ll find something that fits your home flawlessly.

Expert Installation

Our Sidcup workmen, certified and professional, can guarantee a perfect job as they expertly and quickly complete the installation of your home improvements safely and with minimal disruption. They take great pride in creating a high quality, lasting product.


For those living in Sidcup, our uPVC doors are the perfect option to make your dwelling comfortable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly. Whether your house is traditional or modern, our doors provide great insulation and come with a cost-effective price tag. Their sustainable design is certain to benefit both you and the environment!

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