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Wooden Windows Mitcham

Sutton‘s wooden windows are an ideal blend of old and new for your Mitcham home. Although older wooden windows struggle, we at Sutton don’t believe that timber designs have had their day. All wood needs is a little update. We’ve provided that update with our modern wooden windows, with a design that’s highly durable, more efficient and more secure, improving your Mitcham home in all areas.

At Sutton, we supply and install wooden windows throughout Mitcham and the surrounding areas. With us, you’ll always get a high-quality window for your home. It’s because we work with market-leading companies to make sure the designs we offer are the best on the market. Our wooden windows have premium-grade timber, outstanding hardware and a range of clever features too.

One of the benefits of modern wooden windows is that they are a versatile design. With our resilient timber profiles, you can fit them anywhere in your home without worrying about them getting damaged in wind and rain. Not only that, our timber designs look great in modern homes as much as they do in traditional ones. As a result, they could benefit any home’s style as well as its performance.

And, with Sutton, you can save money on your wooden windows with a trusted local installer in Mitcham. We offer short wait times, personalised service and competitive prices for our designs. Not only that, you can create a unique window with us – all of our options are fully customisable. You can get a bespoke window that’s fitted made-t0-measure today – use our online quoting tool to find out how much you could save!

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With Sutton’s wooden windows, you can protect what matters most in your Mitcham home. Our sturdy timber profiles, toughened double glazing and leading security hardware keep burglars and intruders well away. Your new window will have advanced multi-point locking systems and highly durable frames, meaning nobody will be able to break into your home through them.

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Noise Insulating

You can also make your home in Mitcham a lot quieter. If you live in a busy area or near a busy place, such as a school or an airport, then our wooden windows can stop that noise filtering into your home. Our timber profiles are dense, meaning they’re just as good for sound insulation as they are for heat insulation. Planes and people become whispers with these windows!

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Don’t settle for less than perfect with Sutton’s wooden windows in Mitcham. You can create a unique design to your home with ease, and we offer a full range of customisable hardware to make it possible. From exciting colours and authentic finishes to durable hardware and stylish accessories, we have all the tools you need to design your dream window today.

wooden windows prices mitcham


We’ve designed our modern wooden windows to suit any home in Mitcham. Because of this, you can fit them just as seamlessly to a modern home as you can a traditional one. Your window will always look and feel right at home, and you can customise it to make sure. Our modern options put you in full control of your design!

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With Sutton Windows, you can work with an installer who cares about the planet. It’s why we make sure our wooden windows are not only thermally efficient, but environmentally friendly too. We only use sustainably sourced timber in our designs, and the wood in our windows is renewable and recyclable. You can have peace of mind your window won’t end up in a landfill.

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With older wooden windows, you could find that the design wears down after only a few short years. One of the main reasons for this is that wind and rain can damage the timber. However, we’ve made sure our wooden profiles are far more weather-resistant. With premium-grade timber in our design, your windows can meet high standards of air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance.

High Performance Wooden Windows

At Sutton, we’ve set out to shake up how people see wooden windows. While most see them as old-fashioned, we still think no window can match their authentic look. However, one place where these windows lacked compared to modern designs was their performance. So, at Sutton, we’ve taught an old dog new tricks with our wooden window designs.

We use premium-grade timber which is a naturally low conductor, meaning reduced heat transfer and improved insulation. Because of this, you can stay warm throughout the year without relying on your home’s central heating. As a result, our wooden windows achieve high Window Energy Ratings for your Mitcham home, and they can save you money on your energy bills over time!

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Wooden Window Prices Mitcham

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