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Flush Casement Window Design

Flush Sash Windows Croydon

Seamless Design

We have a wide range of elegant uPVC window styles for you to choose from, all fitting seamlessly against your property.

Flush Casement Windows Croydon

Thermally Efficient

Your new Flush Casement Window is designed to be thermally efficient to keep you and your house warm and comfortable.



Flush Casement Window Prices Croydon

High Security

All our Flush Casement Windows come standard with top-of-the-range security features to keep both you and your home safe.

Flush Casement Windows Croydon

At Sutton, we make sure to use Halo Flush Casement Windows. Halo windows are made to the absolute highest quality and are completely interchangeable depending on preference. Halo systems are also compatible with many other brands of hardware. So this gives you an extensive range of choices.

Halo are market leaders in home improvements. After being independently assessed, all of Halo’s products meet industry standards. Their Flush Sash Windows achieved a PAS24 for home security as well as a BS6375 for wind and water testing. They are known to be able to withstand even the most severe weather conditions.

Our uPVC Flush Casement Windows are designed to keep you warm even in the worst of weather conditions. Our windows are designed to incorporate either double or triple glazing, depending on our preference. So that you can turn your home into an energy-saving household. Five enclosed pockets embedded into the structure of the uPVC frame further allow for improved weather performance.

Our Flush Casement Windows also come standard with an extra seal flipper and a 3mm glazing pad. This is to be 100% certain warm air isn’t escaping through your new casement window frame. All of these excellent heat-saving features don’t compromise on the chosen style or outline of your new window. They are fully enclosed into the material which allows more glass and more personalized woodgrain foil textures to resemble the beauty of 19th-century timber frames.

You can use our free online design tool to get a free and instant Flush Casement Window quote! Or, give us a call on 0800 212 289 and our team will be on hand to help you with all your Flush Sash Window questions and queries!


Flush Sash Windows Croydon

Benefits of Flush Sash Windows

Not only do our Flush Casement Windows look stunning, but they also have excellent benefits to enhance your Croydon home too!

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Beautiful Aesthetics

All of our Flush Casement Windows come equipped with not only the best hardware but the easiest to care for as a bonus. Thanks to the ease of uPVC, our casement windows never need to be painted, so always keep their fresh, crisp factory-fresh look.

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Enhanced Secuirty

Purpose-designed reinforcement chambers within the uPVC structure ensure the Flush Casement Window will be able to keep you and your home safe no matter the location. We create our doors with the absolute highest standards of materials to attain our promise of security for your home.

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To make sure that your home stays as clean and as possible, our Flush Casement Windows are designed to resist the strongest of weather. Drainage channels built into the uPVC creates quick drain flow and avoids water build-up. Five enclosed chambers within the Flush Window frame also add strength and thermal efficiency.

Sustainable Patio Doors, Epsom


We want to create a more sustainable environment for the future. We have incorporated this desire into our Flush Casement Windows. The total design is 100% bio-degradable, which means less material is wasted and more can be recycled.

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Classic Charm

Our Flush Casement Windows are designed to resemble the windows of the 19th century. With a modernised structure for a notable design, our uPVC Flush Casement Windows are timeless copies of classic timber window frames at a lesser price.

Perfect Fitting Sliding Patio Doors, Welling

Bespoke Design

Our uPVC Flush Casement Windows come in a wide variety of colours and styles, meaning that you will have multiple options to compare so you can the right one for your property. A wide range of woodgrain finishes and textures ensures you will find a suitable and long-lasting replacement for timber wood frames, at a competitive price.

Installation of your Flush Casement Windows

Our aim is to make your purchasing experience from Sutton as efficient and seamless and possible. The process itself is quick and non-time-consuming, meaning you can enjoy your new Flush Casement Window frame sooner rather than later. Our friendly, expert team are well versed with concerns you may have regarding the installation process. So we strive to ensure that it is completed as soon as possible.

Your new uPVC Flush Casement Windows will be fitted to a high standard by our practised team. Our installers all have the previous background knowledge to adhere to any safety concerns you may have, and how to confidently surpass them. 

Customising your Flush Casement Windows

When it comes to designing your new Flush Casement Windows, all the choices are down to you. Thanks to our wide selection of high-quality hardware. You will be sure to find a Flush Casement Window that complements the style of both you and your home.

If you are in need of any assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch. A member of our welcoming team will waste no time in helping you out.

uPVC is a completely diverse material which has a multitude of uses and abilities. Our uPVC windows are thermally efficient so the whole range has a rating of A+ on the energy scale. This can be very beneficial in bringing down your energy bills.

Our varied range of casement windows utilising uPVC also all provide a high level of draught reduction as a bonus feature, thanks to the reduced 10mm overlap between seals. This combination of high performance, low costs and beautiful style mean uPVC is the perfect tool in creating quality Flush Casement Windows.

Flush Casement Windows Croydon

Flush Casement Window Prices Croydon

Our Flush Casement Windows are available at an affordable, competitive price. Since our windows contain the very best materials and features, our prices make sure you are getting the most out of your purchase. Coupled with a 10-year guarantee, we assure you to have peace of mind when purchasing your new Flush Casement Windows.

Simply input your details into our easy to use the online quoting engine to gain the very best prices based on your location, preferred style and measurements.

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