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The Benefits of Choosing Patio Doors

Patio Door Colours Epsom

Customised Design

We give you options to tailor your patio doors so they suit your needs and the look of your Epsom property. Choose from a comprehensive selection of colours, finishes, and hardware to create a bespoke door.

Patio Door Styles Epsom

Enhanced Home

With the stunning style and natural light our patio doors provide, you will be able to enhance and improve your Epsom property both in looks as well as in market value. This makes them an excellent investment.

Patio Door Sizes Epsom

Durable Performance

In addition to the fabulous style they provide, your sliding patio doors will also give you long-term performance. These doors offer fantastic features that will lead to a better-functioning home for you.

Why Are Sliding Patio Doors the Right Choice for Your Epsom Home?

While there are a number of door styles you can choose from, the patio door will always be the perfect option. These sliding doors come with a set of great features that help improve the way your Epsom home looks and performs.

Controlled Opening

Unlike hinged doors, sliding patio doors slide along a track. This means that you can open them as much, or as little, as you want. If you only want a little opening to keep the room from becoming stuffy, you can crack it open without worrying about it slamming shut.

Wide Glass Panels

Sliding patio doors are excellent for spaces where you want a large opening but don’t want to limit the floor space available. These doors don’t swing open so you can get the wide glass panels for exceptional views and lighting without leaving a large swinging circle clear for them. These space-saving doors are therefore ideal for spaces where you have limited space but want to display your view.

Improved Comfort

Our double glazed sliding patio doors are designed to give you exceptional heat performance. Since your home is better-insulated, you use less energy in heating your rooms and keeping them warm, giving you reduced heating bills. This means you save money both with our competitive patio door prices as well as the lowered bills for warming your home.

Safer Home

Our strong and robust patio doors will resist all attempts of forced entry. We also fit them with advanced security systems to give you a home that is safer for you and your family.

Reliable Service

When you buy your double glazed patio doors from us, you can be sure of impeccable service and reliable quality. We give you premium doors which are flawlessly installed using high-quality hardware. This way, you can always be sure that your Epsom home will get a long-term feature that will continue to perform.

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Patio Door Features and Benefits

Our sliding patio doors come with an advanced multi-wheeled rolling system that gives you doors that open and close smoothly and silently even after repeated use. The opening function is so smooth that you won’t have to exert much effort at all.

The large glazed area of these doors gives you an inordinate amount of natural light to enjoy. A well-lit room looks bigger and more welcoming. Besides, you also get greater visibility to enjoy. Whether you use them as interior doors or exterior doors, they will help you save space and brighten your home in Epsom.

These double glazed patio doors also help improve your home’s thermal performance. They are well-insulated, giving you warmer rooms in spite of the adverse weather conditions. What’s more, with our security fittings, your resilient patio doors will protect your home from intruders.

In addition to giving you all these great features, our patio doors also offer spectacular style. You can tailor your doors to your needs with a wide range of customisation options we offer. Not only do we have a range of colours and finishes for you, but we also offer door furniture and hardware options. You can even opt for a low threshold to make your Epsom home more accessible.

How Can We Help You?

Tailored Patio Doors, Epsom

Tailored Style

Create a unique door for your home in Epsom with our selection of realistic woodgrain foils, colour options and more.

Durable Sliding Patio Doors, Epsom

Premium Quality

We bring you sliding doors from reputed manufacturers in the UK so that you get reliable products made of premium materials.

Competitive Sliding Patio Door Prices, Epsom

Great Value

With the features our sliding patio doors provide, and the competitive prices we offer, you get amazing value for your money.

Easy-Care Sliding Doors, Epsom

Low Maintenance

While our patio doors are capable of giving you an authentic timber look, you don't need to spend much time in caring for them.

Customised Patio Doors, Epsom

Made to Measure

Your patio door will be crafted exactly as per your specifications, giving you a door that fits your home perfectly in one go.

Sustainable Patio Doors, Epsom

Sustainable Doors

Our energy efficient and weatherproof doors help save energy while also being 100% recyclable, lowering your carbon footprint.

Patio Door Prices, Epsom

With us, you get affordable patio door prices with the reliability of our name for a successful home improvement endeavour.

You can get patio door quotes from us quite easily with our online design tool. Enter your requirements and it will calculate your personalised patio door cost.

You can also contact us for a quick patio door price estimate. We will also gladly help you with any additional information you require and arrange for a visit to measure your door for you.

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