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If you are looking for a high-quality window option for your Eltham home you may like to consider our wooden windows here at Sutton Windows. Created using resilient, premium-grade timber and modern technology, these profiles are durable and stylish. Using the same traditional joinery that has been used to create timber windows for many years, you will benefit from luxury heritage allure.

While old timber window profiles are known for their poor performance levels, this is a thing of the past with our windows. We have taken the very best bits of traditional design and combined them with modern design and technology. The result is a wooden window that exudes the same authentic appeal without the performance setbacks. From installation, your home will be warmer, drier and more secure.

Our wooden windows also come in a range of different styles and designs to ensure that we have something for everyone. With this, we can perfectly match your new timber windows to the style of your Eltham home, whether modern or traditional. Although wooden windows are a conventional installation, they create an air of luxury when installed to contemporary homes.

At Sutton Windows, we have been helping homeowners in Eltham and the surrounding areas create the property of their dreams for many years now. With this, we have built up the expertise needed to enhance your home quickly and efficiently. While doing this, you will receive 5-star care across the board. To find out more, please get in touch with us today.

wooden windows Eltham


Featuring advanced double glazing and a resilient profile, our wooden windows will keep your home protected against any forced entry attempts. With the glazing locked securely into the frame, it cannot be used as a point of weakness. We also fit our timber windows with multipoint locking mechanisms as standard, so you can sleep that little bit easier.

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Sound Insulating

In order to make our wooden windows suitable for our Eltham customers that live in even the busiest of areas, we have designed them to be extremely noise insulating. Working as a physical barrier that blocks out any external noise, our timber windows are great for those who live near a school, airport or building site.

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Our wooden windows are highly customisable, ensuring that we have something for all of our customers in Eltham. Choose a colour and design that suits your property, as well as the opening configuration. If you are not sure what it is you are after, our experienced design team are here to help.

wooden windows prices Eltham


While our wooden windows are inspired by traditional design, their sleek profile and refined style makes them extremely versatile. As well as fitting right into traditional homes, they are also a premium addition to modern properties.

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In order to do our bit for the planet, our timber windows are created using sustainably sourced wood. Timber is available naturally in abundance and is also a renewable material, unlike uPVC. With this, it makes for a green home improvement and is perfect for all of our Eltham customers looking to make a difference.

timber windows Eltham


In order to make our wooden windows as weatherproof as possible, we use an innovative weather protection coating. While older timber windows are known to warp and crack after exposure to wet weather, our profiles will not. This will save you time and money on upkeep while ensuring that your new addition will last for decades.

High Performance Wooden Windows

As mentioned, old timber windows were hugely popular for the aesthetic they created, but that came at a price. This price was poor performance, and for years many homeowners have been spending money on costly upkeep and heating bills. Here at Sutton Windows, we have designed our windows to perform to the highest levels.

From installation, you will notice that your home is much warmer. This is because of our advanced double glazing. Featuring two panes of glass separated by an air bubble, our glazing will help your Eltham home trap and retain heat through even the coldest of months. Save money on heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint!

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Get your next home improvement project underway today by getting in touch with us at Sutton Windows. We have plenty of industry experience so you can be sure your home is in safe hands.

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