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Wooden Windows New Malden

Wooden windows give your home an aura of unique luxury. They embody a classic heritage that looks gorgeous in any home, adding genuine prestige and value to your property.

Sutton Windows are proud to install the very best wooden windows made from premium quality timber. Our wood is such a high grade that it performs better than other traditional designs. So not only do you get stunning looks, but you can enjoy a high-level performance wooden window – a feat that was unheard of until recently.

Wooden windows used to be associated with poor energy performance, offering little insulation and allowing in draughts. Those problems are things of the past with our advanced timber windows. We use the best quality timber and market-leading double glazing to ensure our wooden windows perform exceptionally well throughout the year.

We wanted to install wooden windows in New Malden that look beautiful and perform as well as modern builds, like uPVC and aluminium. It was a difficult challenge, but we’ve come through and delivered the finest wooden windows that maintain their traditional beauty but function as modern windows. Our high-quality wooden windows come without compromises.

Bespoke designs are available too. We offer a range of styles, colours, and finishes to ensure you can create the perfect window for your home.

Installation with Sutton Windows is centred around your needs. Our wooden windows are made to measure for an exact fit, and our team of expert installers pay close attention to every detail. The job isn’t done until you are completely happy – you can rely on us to deliver an excellent service and provide you with the best windows on the market.

wooden windows New Malden


We want you and your loved ones to be safe and sound in your home. That’s why we prioritise advanced security features in all our products. Our wooden windows come complete with modern safety systems to protect you and your property. Multipoint locking mechanisms ensure the frame is virtually impossible to break through. The premium timber build is sturdy and robust, making it extremely difficult to bust open. Our toughened double glazing is securely integrated into the frame, ensuring it can withstand high-impact forces. Our wooden windows are a burglar’s nightmare.

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Reduce Noise

Thanks to their effective sound barrier design, our wooden windows create a more peaceful and tranquil living space. The frame and double glazing are proven to reduce external noise and make your interior quieter. Our windows are the ideal solution if you live in a busy area where noises from traffic or overhead planes become intrusive.

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Bespoke Design

Sutton Windows is delighted to offer our customers a beautiful collection of wooden windows that can be tailor-made to suit the most discerning tastes. Whether you’re looking for a different design, colour, or hardware accessory, we’ve got an extensive range of options to guarantee you’ll find the perfect option for your New Malden home.

wooden windows prices New Malden


We know our wooden windows look stunning in traditional homes. However, they look just as good in more contemporary properties. That’s down to their bold design that retains classic aesthetics but feels more modern without losing its sense of heritage. Our beautiful timber windows are versatile enough to complement any home, and we know they would look stunning in your New Malden home.

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We appreciate everything we do impacts the environment; that’s why we only use sustainably sourced timber in our wooden windows. Our premium timber comes from responsibly managed forests. Our timber can be upcycled once it’s served its purpose as a window frame, ensuring minimal waste and maximum usage. Unlike plastics, wood is bio-degradable and won’t harm the natural world when it is discarded.

timber windows New Malden


Our wooden windows are fully weatherproof, with advanced sealing and coatings to ensure they withstand the elements throughout the year. The frame only requires a recoat once every 10 years to guarantee its continued high performance. Our timber frames are designed to maintain their shape and won’t crack, warp, or distort over time.

Outstanding Performance

Our premium timber and advanced double glazing ensure you’ll enjoy an exceptional performance from our wooden windows. We only use industry-leading components in our builds to guarantee excellent performance under all conditions. We only install windows that stand the test of time, and our wooden windows do just that. They protect your home, improve its energy efficiency, help save you money on your bills, and keep you comfortable during every season.

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