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Why Should You choose a Patio Door?

Patio Doors Sidcup

Your choice

We give you full control over what your patio door will look like. With an extensive range of styles and colours available, you can create anything from a chic, classy texture to an authentic woodgrain foil. Your door, your choice.

Cheap Patio Doors Sidcup

Perfect Patio Doors

Our high quality yet cost-effective range of patio doors allows you to gain superior looks for your home. Our sliding patio doors offer a timeless addition to your Sidcup property with their bespoke features and durable design.

Patio Door Design Sidcup

Substantial design

Hidden, high-performance hardware guarantee a durable, robust patio door that doesn’t compromise on looks. Your sliding patio doors are made from premium materials, ensuring you get a long lasting and secure addition to your Sidcup home.

What do we offer?

Patio Door Prices Sidcup

Why choose Patio Doors?

Patio doors can transform properties and give the illusion of extra space. They are also entirely customizable, with extensive selection of colour, style and size to suit any property. When coupled with modernized materials and in-depth designs, or patio doors can be a timeless acquisition for your home.

What do our Patio Doors feature?

Our uPVC patio doors will be an excellent part of any property as they are built with robust and durbale design. Our patio doors include a sleek, folding design that is developed to bring light into any room. While at the same time not compromising the space and making it seem smaller. All our designs feature up to five fully enclosed chambers to trap pockets of hot air, making sure your home stays as warm as possible.

Expert Patio Door designs

Expertly manufactured by Halo, our patio doors are built with slim width, while still being completely thermally efficient and cost-effective. The reinforced uPVC frame allows any mind to be put at ease in regard to a door’s structural design, even in cases of large amounts of pressure being put on the door. The option of including a Nightvent facility in the designs allow heat to be kept inside the property, with essentially no leakage. The handcrafted double glazing allows the glass to fit seamlessly into the uPVC frame design, no matter the style. With 3 different standard designs and up to 5 different glazing options, you are in complete control of what your new door will look like and what features it will entail.

Virtually no maintenance

The low-maintenance nature of each sliding patio door ensures high satisfaction over it’s cleanliness. A single wipe of the door’s double-glazed glass is all that is needed to keep it in a factory-fresh state. The easy-glide track system further provides assurance that your new patio door will be kept in a high-grade fashion continually.

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Patio Door styles


All our patio doors can be completely revamped and customized to meet your every need. A wide range of different colours, glazing, security and hardware combinations are available with any patio door design. Our doors can be designed to fit around your property seamlessly thanks to the internal slider. This provides a visually pleasing aspect to the door, leaving more surfaces available to be optimized.


The large volume of different colours, finishes and foils allow you to have total control over what your new door looks like. Anything from bold, brilliant colour combinations to sophisticated, chic wood-grains are attainable. All depending on your preference.

Why choose uPVC Doors?

We use only the best products in the creation of our sliding doors. Using uPVC in the production allows for minimal plaster and drainage visibility. Much improved draftproofing when compared to more traditional wooden patio doors, without compromising on the look. There are more colour and style options available that are generally less expensive.

uPVC Patio Doors

sidcup patio door security

Capable Protection

All of our patio doors are built with security in mind. The anti-jacking mechanism allows the doors to not be simply forced open. Our doors are designed to give you peace of mind about the safety of your home.

thermometer icon

Heat Saving

Your patio door includes double wool pilings to keep moisture and draughts out and to reduce condensation within your home.

Competitive Sliding Patio Door Prices, Epsom

Budget Costs

Our uPVC patio doors provide competitive, first-rate features for an inexpensive cost with amazing value.

Easy-Care Sliding Doors, Epsom

Simplistic Design

Our uPVC patio doors need little effort to use. Multiple small wheels on a stainless-steel track result in a simple glide open or close with no force required.

Customised Patio Doors, Epsom


Our uPVC patio doors are easy to use and save considerable amounts of space. The sections slide on top of each other to require minimal space.

Sustainable Patio Doors, Epsom

No Carbon Footprint

The uPVC materials we use are entirely recyclable. This makes them eco-friendly and highly sustainable in order to help create a greener environment.

Patio Door Costs Sidcup

For fast, affordable patio doors prices, visit our online quote engine. Included in the cost is a guarantee of up to 10 years in order to secure your peace of mind.

If you are needing help or just want to to chat with a member of our friendly team, be sure to visit our online contact page and we will give you a hand as soon as possible.


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